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Friday, may 29


 19:00  Cultural Evening « Opération Correa »

Screening of Pierre Carles’ film, with the collaboration of Nina Faure and Aurore Van Opstal

 PCF Headquarters (Dome)


Saturday, may 30


10:00–12:00 OPENING PLENRY

Austerity, enough. Our goal: human development in Europe

 Main tent, Republic Square

Pierre Laurent (President of the Party of the European Left, National secretary of PCF), Emmanuelle Cosse (National secretary of EELV), Zoe Konstantopoulou (president of the Greek parliament), Pouria Amirshahi (MP, socialist party), Angelo Basile, member of the direction of the FGTB MWB (Belgium), Felipe Van Keirsbilck, (altersummit coordinator, Belgium), Hervé Falciani (Whistleblower HSBC “Lagarde” List), Graziella Raso, APHP striking worker, USAP-CGT

In presence of Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Animation: Anne Sabourin & Igor Zamichiei, coordinators of the forum

Translation: English

 12:00 Happening  « Free distribution of bites of ethic »

Happening of the collective “occupy your bank”. HSBC scandal, disclosure on the Kerviel case at the SG. Record fine for the BNP. The disclosures are increasing in the banking world. The rules must change. Ethic and public interest must by the new motors of the economy.

 Rue du Temple, Paris 3rd



12:30-14:00 Workshop With the Greeks against austerity and for democracy

Together towards a week of European mobilization (20-27 June)

Meeting of European social movements (Altersummit, Transform !, Copernic Foundation and by the call of many european movements).

 Main tent, Republic Square

Raffaela Bolini (Cambia Grecia - Cambia Europa, Italy), Felipe Van Keirsblick (Altersummit), Attac Europe representative, Yiannis Bournous (member of the secretariat of Syriza, responsible for foreign affairs /EL), John Malamatinas (Bloccupy, Germany) Alexis Cukier, Ensemble, Elisabeth Gauthier, Pierre Khalfa and other members of the collective «with the Greek,» Vangelis Goulas (Syriza France), members of Collectif «Marseille with Greek», Eva Garcia Sempere (22M activist Spain), Nino Munoz (Cultra, Portugal).

Translation: English



 13:00-16:30 Workshop Common goods and public services of tomorrow

Seminar in 2 stages

 Seforex Hall (Theatre)

Water, a common good

Struggle for Water in Ireland (Sinn Fein), Jean-Claude Oliva (President of the Association «water common good»), Ernst Urtasun (MEP, ICV , European Greens, Catalonia), Dora Kotsaka (Nikos Poulantzas Institute).

Animation: Emmanuelle Planque, Collective for Public services (North)

Public services of tomorrow

Michel Jallamion (President of Convcergence of Public services), Christophe Delecourt (UGFF-CGT), Murielle Guilbert (Solidaires Public-finance), Marc Mangenot (Copernic Foundation), Michael Galin (FSU), Manolis Kosadinos (Psychiatrist, France-Greece Health Solidarity), transportation unionist, representative of United Left of Slovenia. Gilbert Garrel, genral secetay, CGT rail workers. 

Animation: Janine Vaux (Collective for public services, Corrèze)
Translation: English, Spanish



 13:00–16:30 Workshop Fighting against youth unemployment and job insecurity: the case of the youth guarantee

 PCF Headquarters  (Conference Room)

Claudia Candeloro (member of the national direction of the Giovani Comunisti (Italy), Nordine Idir (MJCF), Karima Delli (MEP, EELV), Marina Kavvatha (Jeunes de Syriza, Grèce), Comac (Belgique), JOC, UNEF, MJS, Young environmentalists, young GU, Ensemble youth DIDF young, CGT-young (TBC), UNL, UEC.

Animation: Alexis Coskun, member of the national coordination of the MJCF

Translation: English



 13:00-16:30 Workshop in 2 stages What are the alternatives to challenge the neoliberal offensive in education, higher education and research?

 Gymnasium Philippe Auguste

Introduction: Sonia Crivelli (MEP)

Part1 Higher-Education: Vinzenzo Pavone (researcher, Italy), Marc Delepouve (unionist), Jean Paul Lainé (FMTS) Sigfrido Ramirez (University of Copenhagen, Transform !); Adoracion Guaman (University of Valencia, director of FEC, Spain), Janine Guespin (Espace Marx, Transform), Annicq Jacq (Orsay University).

Part2-educational and cultural policies: Marine Roussillon (PCF), representative FSU, Maria Gassouka (Syriza, Greece), Juha Pekka Vaisanen (SKP, Finlande).

Animation: Maxime Benatouil, Transform!, and Hugo Touzet, local deputy of the 18th district of Paris

Translation: English


 13:15-15:00 Workshop Diversions and exploitation of the Social and Solidary Economy by the capitalism: the «Social impact Bonds»

 école des métiers de l’information

Screening of a short film. Introduction by JC Boual, Collective of citizen associations (France)

With: Transform ! Gabriel Peri Foundation, Association for self-management, collective of citizens’ associations, social Dating, PCF, Global social justice, RLS, S4A, NPI).

Translation: English


 13:30-16:00 Workshop Cooperating against tax evasion

 PCF Headquarter (Dome)

Hervé Falciani (former HSBC employee, whistleblower of the «Lagarde list»), Sophie Binet (UGICT-CGT), Raoul Hedebouw (MP, PTB, Belgium), Jean-Marc Durand (PCF, France), Aurélien Beleau (club of the « Afflicted Socialists »), Erkki Laukkanen (executive comity of SAK trade union, Finland), Antoine Deltour (Whistleblower , Luxleaks), Eva Joly (MEP, EELV, TBC), Anne De Haro (CGT Worker Kluwer).

Animation: Jean-François Bolzinger

Translation: English



 13:30-16:30 Workshop COP 21 : social and ecological struggles: where are we?

 Gymnasium Philippe Auguste

Christophe Aguiton (Coalition climate 21), Hervé Bramy (PCF, France), Marc Delepouve (unionist, Transform !), Siham Houri (ANFASS) Filippos Gkanoulis (Green Party, Greece), Fabienne Cru Montblanc (CGT, member of the economical, social and ecological council).

Organised by Climate Coalition 21, Transform!, Copernic Foundation, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation ANFASS, Foundation for Political Ecology

Translation: English, Greek


 14:00-16:30 Workshop Priority for jobs and social emergencies

 Gymnasium Philippe Auguste

Judith Benda (Die Linke, Allemagne/EL), Nasos Iliopoulos,
member of secreteria of Syriza in charge of work (Greece),
Paloma Lopez (MEP, GUE-NGL, Izquierda unida, Espagne), Marie-Laurence Bertrand, Confederal executive comity of the CGT, Finance federation, Asbjørn Wahl (Trade unionist, Norway, TBC), Roberta Fantozzi, in charge of work for the PRC (Italy), Alexander Kaus (Membre of the high autority for the protection social helath care, Bundesausschuss, Allemagne)

Animation: Jean-Luc Gibelin, in charge of social protection and healthcare for the PCF

Translation: Greek, Spanish, English, Italian


 14:00-16:30 Workshop Building a democratic Europe of the citizens powers


Etienne Balibar (Philosopher), Christophe Ventura (Mémoire des luttes), Natasa Theodorakopoulou (Syriza/EL, Greece), Gustave Massiah (World Social Forum, CRID), Barbara Spinelli (MEP, Italy), Jean-Marc Roirant (President European Civic Forum, General Secretary Teaching League).

Animation: Francis Wurtz and Patrice Cohen-Seat

Translation: Italian, English




 14:30-16:30 Workshop A world of mobility: for a new migration policy

 Main tent Republic Square

Introductions: Marie-Christine Vergiat (MEP/FDG) and Michel Agier, CNRS researcher

With the participation of: Hatem Geribi (watch the Med network), Leonard Vincent (journalist specialized in Eritrea), Nicola Delvino (Amnesty International - Europe), Stefano Galieni (PRC/EL, Italy), Fabien Perrier (Journalist), Raffaela Bollini (ARCI, Italy), Pierre Henry (General director of France Terre d’Asile), Richard Moyon (RESF), Anna Billard (CIMADE), Abdessalam Kleich (ATTAC)

Translation: Italian, English



 14:30-16:30 Workshop A new ethic in politics: the fight against corruption, conflicts of interest and vote-catching

 PCF Headquarters (cafeteria)

Evelyne Sire Marin (Magistrate), Bruno Piriou (Local councilor, author of «Cursed Money «), an Anticor representative, Fabio Amato (PRC/EL, Italy), Gabriella Stramaccioni (member of the direction of the association Libera, Italy).

Animation: Nicole Borvo, former senator, Espace Marx

Translation: Greek, Italian, English


 14:00-16h:30 Workshop Reappropriating our food, quality food for all

 MRJC Headquarters

Maxime Bergonso (Rural Movement of Christian Youth),
Jean-Christophe Robert (Farmers Association), Jean-Marie Le Lame (unionist, public agricultural teacher), Lydia Senra (European MP, IU, Via Campesina, Spain) Fanny Gaillanne (PCF Advisor for the city of Paris in charge of the food), INDECOSA - CGT, Friends of the Saharawi Republic (Western Sahara), Laurent Pinatel (Spokesman of the farmers’ Confederation), Jean Mouzat (Chairman of MODEF), Xavier Compain (Agriculture EL)

Animation: Olivier Morin, Journalist

Translation: Spanish, English


 14:00-16:30 Workshop From Big Brother to Big Data: defend our freedoms

Screening of a short film followed by a debate

 PCF Headquarters (room 26-27)

Judges’ union representative, Yann Le Pollotec (PCF), Dominique Curis (Amnesty International France), Quadrature du Net representative, Julien Bayou (EELV spokeperson).

Translation: English



 14:30-16:30 Workshop Modern industry: to produce what? For who? How?

 Seforex (Plenary Hall)

Angelo Basile FGTB Representative (Belgium),
Nadia Rosa FIOM (Italy), Bernard Devert (CGT),
Jurgen Klute (former MEP, Die Linke), Heinz Bierbaum
(Die Linke, Germany), Elisabeth Gauthier (Espace Marx, Transform !), Nicolas Bonnet (President of the PCF-FDG group at the Paris City council), Cédric Durand (economist).

Amination: Christian Pilishowski

Translation: Italian, English


 14:30-16:00 Workshop What instruments to build a peaceful world? The culture of peace, from local to global

 Wedding Room of the 10th arrondisment city hall

Philippe RIO (Mayor of Grigny, President-AFCDRP Mayors for Peace France), Abraham Behar (President of the Association of Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War), Miho Shinma (Ambassador for
peace from the city of Hiroshima), Peace Movement representative, UNESCO representative, Fabio Amato (PRC Italy), Gérard Halie, national secretary of the Peace Movement. Giorgos Ververis (Coordinator of the foreign affairs department of Syriza, Peace Movement), Philippe Hivert (local policies of actions for peace).  

Animation: Michel CIBOT, General Delegate of AFCDRP.

Translation: Greek, English


 15:15-16:30 Workshop Cooperative development in Europe

 école des métiers de l’information

Benoit Borrits (Association for self-management), Jean Huet (Gabriel Peri Foundation), Sylvie Mayer (FGP), François Longérinas (SCOP leader), Antonina Katerini (Solidarity for all, Greece).

With: Transform! Gabriel Peri Foundation, Association for self-management, collective of citizens’ associations, social Dating, PCF, Global social justice, NPI)

Translation: English

 15h:30 Feminist happening by « Zero Macho »

 Republic Square

Passers-by and participants of the Forum will be invited to act for women’s rights with boards and flatirons.

With the presence of Hélène Bidard, Mayor deputee of Paris for Women’s and Human Rights and the fight against discriminations.



17:00-19:00 Plenary 2

Democracy versus the banks. Regain power over finance

 Main Tent of Republic Square

Giorgos Katrougalos, (Minister of public function, Greece), Paolo Ferrero  national secretary of Refondation Communista, Italiy), Heinz Bierbaum (MP, Sarre, in charge of international relation for Die Linke, Germany), Parti de gauche representative, Denis Durand, (economist, PCF), Trevor Evans (Euromemorandum), Eric Coquerel, Parti de Gauche, Pierre Khalfa (Copernic foundation). Marisa Mathias, GUE-NGL MEP, Bloco de Esquerda (Portugal) 

Translation: anglais



 17:30 – 19:30 Workshop LGBT rights in Europe: what progress?

 Le Duplex

Anni Kivisto, LGBT Working Group of the Party of the European Left (SKP, Finland), Ian Brossat, in charge of the collectiv: proud and revolutionary, PCF, Mayor deputee of Paris (France), Cristina Semblano (Bloco de Esquerda, Portugal) SOS Homophobia (France), InterLGBT (collective, France)

Animation: Gabriel Laumosne, working group LGBT for EL  

Translation: English


19:30 CONCERT « Peoples standing»

 Republic Square

Cultural evening dedicated to the migrants

with Feloche, Nevche, Lénine Renaud




sunday, may 31


 9:00-11:30 Workshop Financing the public spendings and public services in Europe

 Main tent Republic Square

Giorgos Katrougalos (Greek Minister of Public Service, Syriza), Frédéric Boccara (Economist, PCF), Pouria Amirshahi (PS MP, France), Marisa Matias (MEP, Bloco, Portugal), Patricia Tejas (CGT-Finance), DGB Economist (Germany), Henri Sterdyniak (économistes atterés, France).

Translation: English



 9:00-11:30 Workshop Concrete solidarities

 Forest Hill

Myrto Bolota (Solidarity for All - Greece), Collectiv France-Greece for health, Dr Sofie Merckx, spokesperson for «Medicine for the people» (Belgium)

Animation: Amadou Deme

Translation: English



 9:00-11:30 Workshop  Women’s Struggles in Europe

 Gymnasium Philippe Auguste

Giorgia Ekonomou (Greek finance ministry cleaners), a representative of Hair-cutter of the 57 bvd Strasbourg, Marisa de Simon Caballero (Member of Parliament of Navarre, PCE, Spain), Laurence Cohen (Senator, PCF), FAE representative, Monique Vezinet (Feminist for another Europe), with the participation of fighting room maids, of the CNDF and of Femme Egalité.

Animation: Hugo Pompougnac

Translation: English, Spanish



 9:00-11:30 Workshop Defeat the TTIP

 PCF Headquarters (Dome)

Patrick Le Hyaric (MEP, Director of l’Humanité), Frédéric Viale (Attac, Stop TTIP, France), Eleonora Forenza (MEP, Rifondazione comunista, Italy), Dora Kotzaka (Nikos Poulantzas Institute), lora Verheecke (Corporate UE observatory, Belgium), Helmut Scholz, (MEP, Die Linke).

Translation: English


 9:00-11:30 Workshop Dominant Media, Alternative Media: win the information battle


Enrique Flores (Cartoonist at Marea newspaper, spain), Christophe Kantchev, editor of Politis (France), Patrick Apel Muller (Chef redactor of l’Hunanité), Mankind (France), Henri Malher, Acrimed (France), Ulrike Hermann (Journalist at Tageszeitung, Germany).

Translation: English



 9:00-11:30 Workshop An audit of the debt, an European issue

 Ageca (main room)

Zoe Konstantopoulou, President of the Greek Parliament (Greece), a representative of the collective for a debt audit (France), Martin Hergouth (Institut of Labour Studies, Slovenia), Frédéric Lemaire (ATTAC, France).

Translation: English



 9:00-11:30 Workshop Defeat the populists and the far-right

 Gymnasium Philippe Auguste

Gyorgy Droppa, Hungarian anti-fascist movment, European Greens, Hungary), Mirko Messner (President of the Austrian Communist Party), Union campaign against the FN representative), Elisabeth Gauthier (Espace Marx/Transform !), Alain Hayot (PCF).

Animation: Louis Weber

Translation: English


 9:00-11:30 Workshop The EU and the Mediterranean

 PCF Headquarters (Conference room)

Inger Johansen (RGA, Denmark), AKEL representative (Cyprus), Hammami Abdelwahab (Popular Front, Tunisia) Tunisian political organization, Said Sougty (Democratic Voice, Morocco), Pedro Marset (Izquierda Unida, Spain) Asli Aydin (ODP, Turkey).

Animation: Patrick Margaté

Translation: English


 9:00-11:30 Workshop Peacebuilding in Ukraine and Europe

 Pelleport Room

Francis Wurtz (honorary MEP, PCF, France),
Elena Tchaltseva (researcher and political scientist, Ukraine), Heinz Bierbaum (International Department of Die Linke, Germany), Nils Anderson (Political analyst, community activist on peace issues, disarmament and the UN), Magali Picano Nacci (Co-secretary of the National Council of the Movement for Peace and moderator of the Peace Committee of Lyon), Vincent Boulet (GU, EL), Giorgos ververis (Coordinator of political department of the european affaires of Syriza). 

Animation: Lydia Samarbakhsh

Translation: Russian, English


 9:00-11:30 Workshop Social Justice, Climate Justice: mobilizing the youth for the Cop 21


With the Young Friends of the Earth, Warn, Alternatiba, MJCF, PG sector university, GU youth, Ensemble youth, MJS, Nouvelle Donne Campus, Young Greens, Syriza young.

Animation: Victor Vauquois, ecologist’s youth

Translation: English




 9:00-11:30 Workshop Make the banks and the ECB usefull for jobs and an real economy

 Pelleport Room (Great hall)

John Malamatinas  (Blockupy, Germany), Trevor Evans (Euromémorandum, Germany), Dominique Plihon (appalled economists, tbc), Denis Durand (Economist, PCF), Kent Hudson (for bank transparency on local activities, USA), Haris Golemis (Transform !, Nikos Poulantzas Institute, Greece)

Translation: English



 9:00-11:30 Workshop  Work in the 21st century: new organization / new rights

 Gymnasium Philippe Auguste

Laurent Garrouste (Copernic Fondation), Roland Merieux (Ensemble), Tony Fraquelli (CGT group on Health at Work), Yann Lelann (Espace Marx) Mathieu Gregoire, Lucien Jallamion (R & S), Francoise Lamontagne (GU), Nasos Iliopoulos (Member of the secretariat of Syriza, work policies).

Animation: Véronique Sandoval

Translation: Spanish, English                                                                                                         



 9:00-11:30 Workshop Commons, autogestion, pathways toward the alternative

 école des métiers de l’information

Chantal Delmas (Transform!), Francine Mestrum (Global Social Justice), Marie Christine Vergiat (MEP, Intergroup EHS, FDG), Fillipos Gkanoulis (Greens, Greeck), Roberto Musacchio (Transform ! Italy).

Translation: English



9:00-11:30 Workshop Fighting against all kinds of racism

 PCF Headquarters (26-27 Room)

Human Rights League representative, Fabienne Haloui (PCF), René Monzat (Journalist, anti-racist activist, FDG), Attila Vajnai (President of the Workers Party 2006, Hungary), Sonia Nour (Cause Commune), Agnes Cluzel (MRAP), Joel Roman (Philosopher), Islam and laicity representative.

Translation: English



12:00-14:00 Closing plenary

After the victory of Syriza, an alliance
to win the European showdown?

 Main tent, Republic square

Maite Mola (Vice-president of the EL, Izquierda Unida, Spain), Clémentine Autain (Spokesperson of Ensemble), Tasos Koronakis (General Secretary of Syriza), Liem Hoang Ngoc (Club of the afflicted socialists), Pierre Larrouturou, Nouvelle donne, GUE-NGL representative, Christian Picquet (United Left), Gus Massiah (Word social Forum , CRID), Haris Golemis (Transform !/ NPI).

Animation: Elisabeth Gauthier

Translation: English


At the end of the plenary: A call for Greece
by Tasos Koronakis and Pierre Laurent