The European Forum for Alternatives will be held in Paris, Place de la Republique, on May the 30 and 31.

Enforce the peoples on the European stage

The liberal Europe never stops to deny democracy, social needs and ecological development, rightly causing a strong popular rejection. By it’s very economical architecture the EU has suffered the brunt of the financial crisis of 2008 and increased its severity with the austerity policies. European peoples have resisted a lot, more and more together, facing with the attacks against public services, labor law, against democracy and basic human rights.

The arrival of SYRIZA in power in Greece has already changed the political landscape.  An unprecedented showdown took place between the Greek people and their representatives, against the proponents of liberal Europe as Angela Merkel, the forces of money, banking, financial markets, the European Central Bank, the IMF and the European Commission.

Fight and unite for an alternative to austerity in France and Europe

Our mobilization in Europe is the best asset for our Greek neighbours. France is a key country. Our people opened the debate about the nature of the European construction 10 years ago, by voting no to the European Constitutional treaty. Today, France is under pressure from the European Commission to "speed up the reforms" and the government is going in this same direction, with drastic budget cuts, ANI and Macron law, privatization. We are also a key country because of the “tripartism” scenario that must be thwarted, by raising a fourth force, the one of anti-austerity for a new political response from the left.

Opening a space for dialogue, making the solutions visible

The European Forum for Alternative is initiated by the Party of the European Left and Transform-Europe. The forum will materialize through debates, plenary and workshop, this major political ambition. The Forum, which will be an initiative of an unprecedented scale, is open from conception to implementation to all forces and interested citizens. Our goal is to organize a major political and popular event with the participation of at least 2,000 people, part European, high-level guests (European dimension of personalities including ministers of the new Greek government), political activists, unions, social movements. Saturday, May 30 in the evening, we will organize a big concert at Republic Square in Paris named "People standing."